15 Stuffed Animal Storage & Organization Ideas

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Playrooms, nurseries, and kids’ bedrooms alike all have a sense of magic that can’t be found in just any room of your home. It could be the jubilant toys scattered around the floor, the playful palette coating the walls and décor, or the zest for life from your littles that always fills the space—but regardless, it’s hard not to smile when you set foot inside.

That being said, these rooms can get messy fast. With imaginations running at 100 miles per hour, you need a storage solution that both you and your kids will appreciate and utilize. Luckily, the options these days are endless. You can have a room that feels child-friendly and fun while also adhering to the styles you love.

Below, you’ll find 15 different stuffed animal storage and organization ideas that will work perfectly in your children’s play spaces. Bye-bye, cluttered floor.

1. Camouflage With Color

Colorful playroom

The benefits of having a pretty teal dresser such as this is two-fold. Not only does it provide a pop of cool color in a warm, bubbly space, but the opaque screen doors keep stuffed animals hidden and tucked away when they’re not in use. A lower-height hutch also makes the most beloved squishy toys available to roving toddlers.

2. Break Out the Cubbies

Pink and white nursery

Built-in storage will never be something you regret, and floor-to-ceiling shelves are one of the best ways to implement it. A secure set of shelves is a safe and stylish design choice that maintains the clean, serene feeling of your nursery.

3.Think Outside the Branch

Tree storage in nursery

If you’re enamored with the theme in your baby’s room, stick with it even for storage purposes. This fun little tree serves as décor and a fabulous way to keep stuffed animals tucked up and out of the way.

This type of setup also makes it satisfyingly simple to change up the vibe of the space when you feel like it.

4. Neutralize With Baskets

Kids playroom with artwork

Another fabulous thing baskets bring to the table? The ability to ground a space. Kids’ rooms often contain loud, bright colors, funky patterns, and vivid designs, so a set of neutral baskets can be a great way to tone things down and call attention to where toys should go.

5. Put Toys Within Reach

Baskets on low shelves

Kid-friendly storage shouldn’t only take into account the colors and shapes your little ones like, but how easy it is to find their possessions. This room is a perfect example of a space that retains an elevated style, but is still warm and inviting for children. Everything their hearts desire is available on the lower eight shelves—and makes picking up easy, too.

6. Make a Display

Nursery with stuffed animal in stroller

A fun little display, like this adorable stroller, can be the perfect space to highlight the cutest cushy toys your little one has.

Where to put the rest of the stuffed animal avalanche? Designate a cupboard or a few shelves in a dresser to save on space and keep things looking tidy.

7. Work in a Wire Basket

Black, pink, and green nursery

There’s never been a wider range of options for customizing and personalizing your stuffed animal storage. If you like the way baskets solve messes but aren’t married to the idea of natural materials, wire versions can be just as helpful but may match your room better.

Depending on your theme or particular style, it won’t be too hard to find a storage solution to boot.

8. Make Use of Under-the-Bed Space

Pink bedroom with storage

Sometimes, storage can be a bit overwhelming: too many boxes, bins, dressers, and cabinets can almost feel intrusive and take away from the fun atmosphere.

To counteract this, search for space under the bed or behind bedroom staples, this way you won’t have to crowd the space or buy unnecessary accessories if you don’t need them.

9. Compromise for the Best of Both Worlds

White play room with shelves

If you need more storage or don’t have a designated playroom, you can still find an organizational method that’s visually pleasing to you but accessible and easy to find for the kiddos. Two baskets sit beneath this television set, and several chic but child-friendly vignettes make this a win-win situation for parents and their babies.

10. Fill Up a Basket

Nursery with wallpaper

It’s hard to find a friendlier face than that of a teddy bear. But, when you have a basket bursting with handfuls of them, the joy they bring is immeasurable. A taller basket will give you extra depth for storage while still allowing the toys to make their gleeful mark on a room.

11. Stick to the Theme

Neutral colored nursery

Customizing a nursery can be just as tricky as any other room in the house. You may have settled on wallpaper or a paint color you adore, but the challenge is trying to find décor, furniture, and organizational tools that match.

In the case of this pretty baby’s room, a shelving unit pressed up against the wall almost fits perfectly with the stripes behind it. The corresponding neutral colors and horizontal lines make it work flawlessly.

12. Think Outside the Basket

Wall-mounted baskets and shelves in nursery

While many baskets are slid into shelves or sit comfortably on floors, this example proves that they can even look right at home on your walls. It’s a great idea if you find that the storage solutions you usually opt for accidentally get knocked over or ignored.

By hanging them on pegs, it also makes for easy removal and updating.

13. Covet Those Awkward Corners

Colorful and bright kids room

Hit a corner conundrum? While a mini play kitchen may not fit there, a pile of cozy bears and animals will. The tightest corners often make for a great storage solution, and with the help of a box or bin, your littles will have the perfect spot for finding their favorite toys.

14. Try a Twist on Vintage

Colorful blue bedroom

While minimalist containers are a stylish route to take, there’s something to be said for stunning antique-inspired pieces, such as this gorgeous woven wicker dresser. It’s a refreshing way to display toys and stuffed animals and gives any child’s playroom or bedroom an air of whimsy.

15. Maximize Space With Wall-Mounted Storage

Colorful playroom

For pint-sized playrooms, you can never go wrong with wall-mounted storage. Even if you have ample space, the less there is on the ground, the more room there is to play.

Tuck a few teddies in a chic caddy, as seen here, or get creative and incorporate a little hammock or hanging hideaway.