10 Storage Solutions to Instantly Organize Your Home

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If your pantries have seen neater days and your clothes are strewn all over the closet or floor, it might be time to upgrade your home’s organization and storage systems. Getting organized is as easy as investing in a few simple solutions that will keep your home as neat and clean as possible.

These 10 storage solutions will have each corner of your house spotless and all your treasures easily accessible in no time.

1. Store Spices and Other Kitchen Go-Tos

Organized pantry with spice rack.

Gone are the days of rummaging around your pantry through clutter just to find your cooking spray. Adding some storage and organization to your pantry will eliminate the hassle and mess. Invest in tiny lazy Susan-style turntables to make your items easily accessible and a spice rack or organizer to make cooking and baking a breeze.


2. Store Fresh Produce

Neat, organized fridge.

The fridge can easily become one of the messiest places in your home. With takeout containers and leftovers blocking your view, forgetting about the produce you’ve purchased can happen far too often. Clear, acrylic storage bins will help your fridge stay neat and clean, with all your food in eyesight and easily accessible.


3. Clean Up Your Drawers

Neat drawer filled with masks, sunglasses and skincare.

Drawers just seem to become a cluttered mess no matter what you do, but there’s a simple solution. Consider adding different inserts of different lengths and sizes to keep everything from skincare products to loose pens and pencils right where they belong.


4. Organize Your Closet

Neat and organized closet.

The possibilities for organizing your closet are endless, but some of our favorite tips are using matching velvet hangers to keep everything streamlined and storage bins to keep seasonal items in their place.

5. Store Folded Clothes

Bins on shelves.

This adorable bin shot from Joanna Organize shows just how easy it is to keep clutter at bay. These bins can store anything your heart desires, but they’re the perfect size for holding clothes you typically fold, like socks, pajamas, and workout clothes.


6. Miscellaneous Storage

Misc. household supplies on shelves.

Your cleaning products and un-sortable items need periodic cleanups, too. Instead of letting your wipes and disinfectants roll around drawers or cabinets, store them neatly in labeled containers and bins. Create homes for extra items you aren’t sure where to store, as seen in this pantry, which contains an emergency kit and laundry supplies.

7. Store Personal Care Items

Neat drawer with blowdryer and hair products.

Nothing is more frustrating than endlessly searching in your cabinet for your different makeup products or styling tools. Both of these items can live in the same space together and stay super organized by putting some acrylic storage bins to work.


8. Store Seasonal Decorations

Seasonal storage bins.

Not sure what to do with your decorations after your favorite holiday ends? Find storage boxes and bins that fit your collection—but leave some space for new additions—and make sure everything is labeled.

Keep a section of your home dedicated to storing the seasonal decorations, whether it be in a spare closet or the basement.

9. Store Your Jewelry

Gold jewelry in organizer bins.

Your stunning jewelry collection should always have an organized home, to help keep these special pieces accessible at all times. Drawer organizers made specifically for jewelry will keep your collection tangle-free and ready to wear.

10. Garage Storage

Garage with storage and organization.

We can’t neglect the space in our home that is constantly cluttered: the garage. Since you may have a mix of items in there, from old décor to power tools, store things strategically. For example, if you have bins full of old keepsakes, keep them on a high shelf out of the way, as seen here. Then, hang your frequently used tools on storage racks so they’re easily accessible when you need them.